Massimiliano Fusari, PhD

I'm a digital consultant, scholar and results-driven visual storyteller with extensive international education and professional experience. From the Middle East, I traveled, lived and worked from Cairo to China. As Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster, I teach on interactive media, visual storytelling and digital creativity.
Cultural Consulting
Academic Research
Image Production

What I do

I work at the intersection between academic teaching and the creative industries.  I combine these two worlds, to complement nmy work with both perspectives.  Specifically...
Since 1994, I have been consulting back and forth the Middle East region. I worked on logistics, procurement and media consulting for political campaigns and multicultural dissemination activities. My portfolio includes a wide variety of clients, ranging from various UN Agencies to International NGOs, from the Iranian State Radio to the British Academy
Since I enrolled in 1992 at the University of Venice (Italy) for my BA + MA on The Contemporary Muslim World, I have been addressing issues of cross-cultural representation, media policies, and the politics of media. With my PhD at the University of Exeter (UK), I finalise a practice-led approach to visual communication production and analysis
Just because you have eyes does not mean that you can see.  Inspired by Cartier-Bresson, I endlessly aim to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart. My rich archive in visual journalism storytells the cultures I have been fascinated with, from Albania to Bahrain, from Cairo to China