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Space of Me. Personal project - © Fusari / Massimedia, 2009-2012
My current professional activity develops from my background as a media consultant and photojournalist, as complemented with my academic research on theory and practice of visual media and online multimedia.
In September 2012 I moved to research usage and dissemination of my own paradigm of the Meta-Image, to be appreciated as both a tactics and a strategy to articulate a wider appreciation of aesthetics in photography. In such a context, aesthetics is not solely a visual factor, but, through a finalised usage of Post Production, a truly semantic practice for communication. The final aim of the Meta-Image is to contribute and stimulate projects of collaboration between the academic world and the professional industry for analytical studies and training on inter and intra cultural online communication.
Over the last 20 years I have been exploring what representation of reality comes out of a visual document, how ethnography could contribute to such a research, and, alongside that, what kind of social practices would best support different culturally shaped perspectives. Therefore, I arranged the Meta-Image as a tool to gauge the Image/Text relations, the role of the visual in contemporary societies, and the digital revolution's impact on cultural practices.


© Jon Kudelka, The Australian, 2004
I have been researching these themes since my 2001 master on the Iranian President Khatami's political usage of the Internet. My background in Islamic studies, as further informed by my knowledge of Arabic and Persian, crucially supports my perspectives on what I gauge as the current socio-political issue.
I have a solid understanding of social studies focused on Islamic cultures (both a BA and an MA), together with a second MA fully devoted to the relations between anthropology and media. My dottorato fellowship re-arranges a Post Modernist approach to Visual Anthropology, while my current PhD research proposes to bring together my theoretical expertise with my 10-yr long photojournalistic experience: my final aim is to re-invigorate the pivotal role of aesthetics and montage within photographic practices, and use all media forms (Web2.0 platforms included) to maximize social outreach and impact.
Space of Me. Personal project - © Fusari / Massimedia, 2009-2012
In 2011 I designed and have taught since two academic modules, one in Italian, on the theory and practice of (multi) media cultures, and a second one in English, specifically on representations of Muslim cultures through visual media.
In May 2014 I am teaching at the LUISS - University of Rome (Italy) a module on Comunicazione internazionale – Comunicazione visuale (International Communication - Visual Communication). Please continue reading all infos (page in Italian) here.
My analytical perspective has been refined in articles, papers, lectures, conferences and workshops. Parallel to my research activity, I arrange one-day seminars specifically tailored for the professional industry.
For more information do visit my LinkedIn Profile, download a brief CV of mine, or email me.