Visual Storytelling




How does a professional communicator come up with ideas?  How does one translate them into memorable digital campaigns?  How to strategically implement social change across today’s global societies?

I bring into my academic teaching years of worldwide professional experience.  The result is a framework of analysis and production centred on the very sensible usage of storytelling strategies and techniques.  I engage topics such as


How to advocate with images?

How to make images show your activities?

How to design your storytelling into an effective project?



In response, I work with a whole array of flexible tools, such as my Multimedia Communication Matrix here below.



Over the last year alone, I translated my academic research into training activities for the following partners…



International Labour Organization

On November 20-22, 2017 I delivered an intensive 3-day training on Visual communication and digital storytelling for gender mainstreaming at the Gender Academy of the United Nations.

We explored how to strategically employ visual communication and digital storytelling towards gender mainstreaming activities and comprehensive policies.

The emotional quality of visual storytelling is pivotal to today’s digital communication. With that in mind, we learnt how to implement storytelling formats and techniques for gender-focused campaigning.

As a result, the workshop led participants to understand and practice tools and competencies fundamental for their daily activities.

Participants commented…

“You opened a new world to me”

“This workshop introduced me to totally new perspective of looking into stories with an analytical eye. Well done!”

“I learnt how to advocate for my campaign with digital media”



The UN Gender Academy at the ILO Centre led me to present at the International Labour Organization (ILO / UN) Headquarter in Geneva early in January 2018.

At the UN office of the ILO I addressed how powerful images can be combined with digital technology to make images to be the story.


Let me show you how image are the story…

Source: © UK Government, 2016


The image above is the final statement on David Cameron’s official booklet on the UK Government campaigning to remain in the EU.

Evoking picture indeed… but what do you see? A family walking away from you, a family leaving is indeed the image to support the Remain campaign!

Visual storytelling is easy to say but hard to accomplish, as so much of today’s digital communication is emotionally driven…


Overlooking visual media could cost your Organization quite a lot.


Can you afford to mismanage your visual storytelling?


In response, my training uses real case studies for participants to learn how to analyze and produce visual storytelling for their social campaigning.




In April 2018, I presented at a BBC public event my mobile App to teach, learn and produce visual journalism.  The event was hosted by the Arabic service as part of the Future Of Digital Journalism Festival.


Visual media are estimated to account for more than half of digital data usage. Estimates suggest that more images were produced in 2017 alone than throughout the whole history of photography prior to smartphones.

How does the same photograph storytell across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? Does said image consistently preserve its intended message?  How to shape its message to successfully target audiences and turn them into power brokers to your advocacy?


How to produce visual journalism?

How to reach out to different audiences?

How to advocate on digital platforms?


More information on my developing App – The Meta-Image is available on the dedicated section of this website.



Teaching in China


I spent the whole of June 2018 teaching in China.

On the 5th, I brought my theoretical research with a hands-on workshop to Beijing Normal University for a one-day session on the role of montage in visual communication.



The rest of the month was spent at the Shanghai Institute for the Visual Arts (SIVA), where I run a project-led series of master classes.






The master-classes The Image As Storytelling provided students with a learn-by-doing experience in multimedia production for interactive storytelling.

These hands-on master-classes made students think about critical topics as they learn-by-doing the extent to which the visual is the backbone of today’s digital communication. In so doing, students were accompanied throughout the whole process of creating a short project in multimedia journalism and/or interactive storytelling to be published online as part of their digital portfolio.


Would you like to know more about my academic research framework?

Do write to me and let’s explore what we can work out together…